Why do we exist?

We exist to glorify God by expanding gospel ministry in the North West region and encouraging Bible believing evangelicals to contend for Biblical reformed Christianity within our denominations.

How do we aim to achieve this?

We seek to do this by:
» multiplying congregations/fellowships;
» sending people into gospel ministry;
» promoting apprenticeship schemes;
» providing a network of support;
» training people for evangelism and gospel ministry;
» providing information and support related to issues within our denominations.

What difference will this make?

In July 2009 we set ourselves five-year goals which include:

» Three Virgin Territory Church Plants 
We need to encourage existing local churches to continue to church plant.
We need to support evangelical ministers who take on non-evangelical churches.
However we must identify people willing to church plant and support some of them to plant churches in areas where there is little Biblical ministry.

» Recruiting Church Plant Leaders
We need to identify those who can lead the church plants we plan for, and lead the people we have identified who could be part of such plants.
Within our partnership we need to stimulate the support that these people will need.

» The Establishment of a Theological Traning Centre
We need to encourage more men and women to train for ministry.
We need to develop, and have accredited, better ministry training in our region.
This will best be done by having a training centre that is fit for purpose.

» Establish a Co-ordinated Training Programme for Youth & Children’s Workers
We need to encourage more partner churches to develop a Bible centred approach to children’s and youth ministry.
We need to develop a training programme that partner churches can use.

» Develop Cross-Church Evangelistic Events
We are thrilled at the prospects that ‘A Passion for Life’ brings, as churches partner together in evangelism.
We want to encourage partner churches to look for ways in which working together in evangelism will enable more people to hear the gospel.
We do not wish to undermine good things going on in our denominations or encourage people to think in a separatist way, but we do want to encourage those with opportunity to be involved in the reformation of our denominations from within their structures.

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