Mar 17

NWYW Conference - North


The sad truth is that often we do all the hard work of understanding what a passage from the Bible is all about but don’t then apply it properly to the lives of the children and young people in our care. We might have come up with great ways of teaching truths to young hearts and minds but if we haven’t worked it into the everyday situations of the specific individuals that we are discipling then we haven’t gone far enough. 

Whether you’re a volunteer leader, a parent, full time Y&C minister, or senior minister, join us for our annual conference as we explore this important area of youth, children & families ministry.

In our main sessions together, Justin Mote (Director of training for the North West partnership) will help us see what the Bible says about applying the truths found within it and the importance of understanding the individuals in our care.

Then in the afternoon, the is an option to stay on for optional bonus seminars in which we’ll be having a go at applying specific passages of the Bible to particular ages and specific individuals.

There will also be a time to pray and network with other like-minded Christians involved in youth, children and families ministry.

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