Jan 26

Annual Conference Fri 26 Jan - Sat 27 Jan

Some years ago, John Stott said that evangelicals are ‘Bible people’. But is this still the case?

It seems that so many of the ‘battles’ that we face over moral, ethical and doctrinal issues are with other people who also call themselves ‘evangelicals’. Often, it seems that people have lost their belief in the authority of the Bible to bring people to faith in the Lord Jesus, to ‘thoroughly equip’ God’s people, to reform the Church and to speak into contemporary culture. This can affect our confidence and our conviction that ‘the Word of God does the work of God amongst the people of God.’ This can happen over a long period of time, perhaps even imperceptibly, but it weakens the church and it weakens our witness to the world.

How do we negotiate this tricky ground? This is will be the issue that we look at during our conference.

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