Why do we exist?

We exist to glorify God by expanding gospel ministry in the North West region and encouraging Bible believing evangelicals to contend for Biblical reformed Christianity within our denominations.

How do we aim to achieve this?

We seek to do this by:
» multiplying congregations/fellowships;
» sending people into gospel ministry;
» promoting apprenticeship schemes;
» providing a network of support;
» training people for evangelism and gospel ministry;
» providing information and support related to issues within our denominations.

How can you help us achieve our partnership goals?

Our first goal is to TRAIN.

2017-2018 saw 120 students attending the various courses around the region. Some of these people will go onto church leadership in this country and other parts of the world and they will all be better equipped to serve Jesus in their local churches.

Please pray for Mark Pickles, the new Director of Training, and all those teaching on the courses and all the students. We ask God that he gives people a hunger for His Word and a desire to be equipped for service.

Our second goal is to PLANT.

This is difficult because it requires the generosity of sending churches, it requires courage and it requires a willingness to sometimes deal with opposition.

Please pray for the recent plants in Stockport and Sandbach and for the plans to plant a church in Crewe.

We follow a Saviour who loves the lost and so we must identify places in our region where there is little gospel witness and honour our Saviour by sending Christians to these places.

Our third GOAL is to ENCOURAGE.

This must be in our hearts and our minds whenever we meet one another. It is about being selfless and seeking the good of others rather than ourselves. It means coming to conferences because it expresses partnership and gives us opportunities to serve one another - even if it isn’t our favourite speaker!

Christian leadership is hard and so is Christian service and Christian living. The bottom line is that we really need one another. Every time that we meet together is an opportunity for God to meet those needs as we minister to one another.

Finally, our fourth goal is to GUARD THE GOSPEL.

Again, this is always our privilege. To look after the gospel which is God’s precious gift to us.

We need to help each other with our preaching and with our evangelism.

We need to be accountable to one another as we engage in the royal task that has been entrusted to us.

We must preach and live God’s gospel and not allow ourselves to buckle under the pressure of the world or even the authority of religious leaders who don’t hold to the same convictions about the Bible’s authority as the Word of God.

At our conferences and on our training courses we must be faithful in handling God’s word correctly and modelling good practice for all those who come to listen and learn.

So these are our four goals : TRAIN, PLANT, ENCOURAGE and GUARD THE GOSPEL.

Please pray that for the glory of Jesus and in partnership with one another we would meet these goals.

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