Jan 24

Annual Conference 2020 Fri 24 Jan - Sat 25 Jan

Annual Conference 2020

The title of the Conference is ‘Plugged in, switched on’. We are grateful to Dan Strange from Oak Hill college for joining us to help us understand some of the challenges for Christian living and witness that are presented by our culture.

Does anyone understand the culture we live in? I often imagine myself watching TV or walking around with my grandfather - long dead now - and watching his utter confusion at all that has changed in the last 30 years. What has happened ? What is there that we can affirm? How do we live in godly self-denial in a culture that appears to worship self-indulgence? How do we persuade people to trust Christ in the day we live in?

I have so many questions .... and I am sure that Dan will answer some of them! As ever, our bible expositions are central to our time together and we are grateful that Mark Pickles, Director of the NWGP, will be bringing us these.

Please remember that this is a ‘partnership conference’ and so we hope that we will all make the most of the long breaks and the times of prayer for fellowship together. We need one another and fellowship between our churches is a gift from our gracious God.

We meet in his name and we meet to encourage one another to keep trusting him to keep proclaiming him throughout the North West region of the UK.

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