1st year » Evening » Preston

When? Tuesdays from 7:00pm

Where? St Andrews Ashton (view website)

How much? £350

Start date? Tuesday 1st October 2019

There are three strands covered on the 1st year evening course:

  1. Biblical Theology – an overview of the whole Bible.
  2. Exposition – after covering the tools of interpreting and applying the Bible passage there will be worked expositions through a number of Bible books.
  3. Hands on Training – each week we will teach the Bible to one another. Each student will have opportunities to teach Bible passages and receive encouragement and feedback

If you wish to apply for any of the courses please complete the application form and return to the NW Partnership Trust, 2 Blackburne Place, Liverpool, L8 7PE.

For further information please contact the office on 0151 703 1873 or sara@northwestpartnership.com

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