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When? Mondays  from 7:00pm

Where? Initially on Zoom and then moving to Hope Church, Ashton

How much? £300

Start date? w/c 5th October

The aim of this course is to equip, encourage and enthuse us for gospel ministry in our local churches

There are two strands covered on the 3rd year evening course:

  1. Gospel: Living, Ministry and Leadership - Looking together at how the gospel transforms our lives, shapes how we serve, minister and seek to evangelise and impacts and equips us for leadership in various spheres in the local church
  2. Revelation: An in-depth interactive study of the book of Revelation - Revelation is a brilliant book for filling our horizons with a glorious vision of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Suffering Servant and the Reigning King of Kings. Sinking deep roots down into the wonderful truths of Revelation equip us to live the Christian life now, in a fallen world of sin and suffering emboldened by a vision of the true heavenly reality of Christ on the throne, unseen but revealed to us in His Word and filled with a sure and certain hope of his return, his victory and a renewed creation where God will dwell with his redeemed, joyful people.

A short introduction video from Mark can be found here

If you wish to apply for this course please chat to Sara or Mark and then complete the application form and return to the NW Gospel Partnership Trust,

For further information please contact the office on 0151 703 1873 or sara@northwestpartnership.com

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