When the Bible is taught God’s voice is heard. Teachers who ‘rightly handle’ the Word of truth are essential in today’s church. Whether in the congregation, home group, children’s or youth groups, indeed wherever the Bible is taught, we need people who can teach God’s Word in the power of the Spirit. 

For some years the Cornhill Training Course in London and the Northern Cornhill Course in Sheffield have offered a course that seeks to train men and women for this task. In September 2003 a course following a similar programme and using ‘Cornhill’ material started in the North West of England. Over 1720 students have now studied on one of our daytime or evening courses over the last 15 years and our prayer is that more people will be raised up to be able to teach God’s word.

The North West Ministry Training Course is led by Mark Pickles. Mark taught at Oak Hill Theological College for a number of years and is known as a Bible teacher. He has had over twenty years experience of pastoral ministry in a variety of churches, most recently in Cheshire. Mark is supported by regular lectures from leaders of North West Partnership Churches,

There are four strands to the daytime course: Biblical Theology, Exposition, Practical Ministry and Hands on Training.

For those who aren’t able to commit to a day a week to study, there are evening courses. There are three strands to the evening course: Biblical Theology, Exposition and Hands on Training. 

If you wish to continue studying with us after your first year we run a 2nd year course, which looks at doctrine and an indepth study of Romans. (Doctrine is not included in the evening course)

From September 2019-July 2020 we are running a number of courses in our region:

If you would like to apply for a 1st year course click here to download the application form. If you would like to apply for a 2nd year course click here to download the registration form.