1. What is a ministry trainee?

A Ministry Trainee commits themselves to learning about gospel ministry as part of a local congregation. Most Ministry Trainee roles are for one year in the first instance, though many people choose to do a second year.

All NWGP Ministry Trainees participate in the Ministry Training Course for one day a week. Trainees should also receive training input and the opportunity to do Word ministry in the local church as well as to do practical service.

2. Which churches are we talking about?

The North West Gospel Partnership is made up of churches from the length and breadth of the region - from Carlisle to Knutsford, from Wirral to Manchester.

The precise number of churches offering Ministry Trainee places varies from year to year, but there will be opportunities throughout the region in Anglican, Baptist, FIEC and other churches. All the churches participating in our scheme subscribe to the NWGP doctrinal basis. For current Ministry Trainee vacancies, please visit our Ministry Opportunities page.

There are opportunities for Ministry Trainees in city centre churches (often with student ministry), suburban churches (often with significant youth and children’s ministries), inner city areas, rural churches and churches on large social housing estates.

3. What about money?

Each church operates its own system of financing their Ministry Trainee scheme.

The NWGP recommendation is that churches should:

  • Pay Ministry Trainees for the hours they work at the national minimum wage or above.
  • Cover the cost of the NWGP Ministry Training Course for trainees.
  • Cover other work expenses and costs of any relevant training.
  • Ensure appropriate time off.

Most churches ask Ministry Trainees to raise some of the cost of the year through personal support. In some cases churches will provide accommodation and/or board in lieu of salary.

If you have a desire to undergo training to serve the local church, but are restricted from doing so financially, then the Tim Peters fund  might be for you. The website is thetimpeterstrainingfund.com. For applications, or any other queries about the fund, please contact timpeterstrainingfund@gmail.com

4. Is it for me?

Ministry trainees can be of any age or life experience. What matters is your eagerness to grow as ministers of the gospel and their desire to serve a local church.

Many trainees end up in full-time paid Christian work longer term, many do not - but the testimony of both groups is that a year as a Ministry Trainee is an incredibly useful equipping for a lifetime of serving in the local church.

5. More questions?

If you’d like to know more about being a Ministry Trainee contact the NWGP office on 0151 703 1873 or email sara@northwestpartnership.com and we’ll try and put you in touch with the right person to answer your questions!